Jaylon Glover: Breathing New Life into the Utah Utes Running Back Corps

Jaylon Glover: Breathing New Life into the Utah Utes Running Back Corps


Utah football's ground attack has been a key component of their success this season, with moments of brilliance and a few setbacks along the way. The team's sluggish passing attack has enabled opposing defenses to stack the box and load up against the run, while the depth at the running back position has been tested early on. Key backup Micah Bernard suffered a season-ending injury, and another key backup, Chris Curry, has yet to get fully going due to an injury. Lead back Ja'Quinden Jackson is also dealing with an injury, which has led to Jaylon Glover taking over the position. Glover has embraced the opportunity and has been in a bell-cow headspace, racking up 25 carries against UCLA. Despite not having a ton of production yet, his teammates have praised his hard running and his ability to make good reads with the ball. However, there is work to do in the area of pass protection and blitz pickup. The Utes' biggest issue right now is the need to have a more threatening throw game and to be more dominant up front. Glover is focused on being efficient in the run game and mentally preparing to help the team get victories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jaylon Glover and how has he performed in the past?

Jaylon Glover is a freshman running back for the Utah Utes football team. He was a highly rated prospect coming out of high school and has shown promise in his limited playing time so far this season.

What other running backs are on the Utah Utes football team?

Aside from Jaylon Glover, the Utah Utes football team has two other scholarship running backs on their roster: Tavion Thomas and Chris Curry.

Is Jaylon Glover expected to start or just contribute?

With the running backs room short-handed, Jaylon Glover is expected to take on a larger role and may even start in upcoming games.

What challenges will the Utah Utes football team face with a short-handed running backs room?

A short-handed running backs room means less depth and fewer options for the Utah Utes football team. It also puts more pressure on Jaylon Glover and the other running backs to stay healthy and perform at a high level.

How has the Utah Utes football team handled injuries in the past?

The Utah Utes football team has a history of dealing with injuries and has shown resilience in the face of adversity. They have a deep roster and a coaching staff that is skilled at adapting to unexpected situations.

What strategies might the Utah Utes football team employ to overcome their short-handed running backs room?

The Utah Utes football team may look to rely more heavily on their passing game and utilize their tight ends and wide receivers to make up for the lack of depth at the running back position. They may also consider using more creative play-calling and relying on their defense to keep games close.