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Putri Ariani's Golden Buzzer Audition: A Standout Performance

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A 17-year-old contestant on America's Got Talent wowed the judges with her incredible voice. Simon Cowell, one of the judges, was so impressed by her performance that he asked her to sing a second song. The young singer, Putri Ariani from Indonesia, delivered another captivating performance that earned her the Golden Buzzer from Cowell and a spot in the live rounds of the competition.

Ariani's performances left the judges and the audience in awe, with many comparing her to an "angel." Her talent and passion for music were on full display during her time on the show. To catch Ariani's performances and other talented acts, viewers can tune in to AGT on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on NBC, or watch on Peacock the next day.

Who is Putri Ariani?

Putri Ariani is a talented blind singer who aspires to become a Grammy-winning singer like Whitney Houston. Despite facing unique challenges due to her blindness, Ariani's passion for music has always been unwavering. She believes that when she sings, she feels like a silver star, but people often see her only as a blind person, not as a musician.

During her performance on America's Got Talent, Ariani's immense talent was on full display, earning her high praise from all four judges. When asked about her singing experience, Ariani replied with a laugh that she has been singing since she was born. Although she is still in high school, Ariani has already set her sights on some big goals for the future. She hopes to attend Juilliard College of Music and win America's Got Talent to achieve her dream.

Overall, Putri Ariani is a talented blind singer with a passion for music and a strong desire to succeed in the industry. Despite facing unique challenges, she remains determined to achieve her goals and make a name for herself in the music world.

What Happened During Putri Ariani's AGT Audition?

Putri Ariani performed an original song on the piano during her AGT audition. The song was about heartbreak and hopelessness, and it captivated the audience. After her performance, Simon Cowell, one of the judges, walked onto the stage and introduced himself to Putri. Cowell was impressed with her performance and asked if she had another song to sing. Putri eagerly agreed and sang an Elton John hit. All four judges gave her a standing ovation, and the crowd erupted in applause.

Putri's father also made an appearance on stage to assist her. The judges were surprised by Cowell's actions, and they were confused about what was happening. However, they were all impressed by Putri's talent and gave her positive feedback.

Overall, Putri's AGT audition was a success. Her original song and cover of an Elton John hit impressed the judges and earned her a standing ovation. Cowell's surprise appearance on stage added to the excitement of the performance.

Why Simon Cowell Awarded His Golden Buzzer to Ariani

Ariani's performance on the show left the judges and the audience in awe. Despite being only 17 years old, she showcased her distinctive voice and songwriting skills. Her performance was so impressive that Cowell could not resist awarding her his Golden Buzzer.

During the judging, Cowell praised Ariani for her amazing voice and distinctive style. He also mentioned that she had a glow about her that made her stand out from other contestants. Cowell even asked her about her dreams of attending Juilliard before awarding her his Golden Buzzer.

Cowell's decision to award Ariani his Golden Buzzer was met with a shower of gold confetti and an outpouring of emotion from the audience and the judges. He explained his decision to the host Terry Crews in a few words, stating that Ariani was simply brilliant.

In summary, Simon Cowell awarded his Golden Buzzer to Ariani because of her exceptional singing ability, songwriting skills, and distinctive style. Her performance left a lasting impression on Cowell and the other judges, making her one of the best singers the show has ever had.